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Na našej stránke nájdete všetky dostupné informácie o doméne lumos.sk. Informácie sa snažíme aktualizovať tak často ako je to možné a veríme, že Vám budú užitočné.

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Hodnotenie:5 z 0-5 (99.92%), dôležitosť: 34
Odhad hodnoty domény:999200
Dĺžka názvu domény:5
Náš prvý záznam o doméne:15.12.2009
Stav domény:DOM_OK
Platnosť od:09.07.2019
Platnosť do:08.07.2020
Majiteľ domény:FRAN-0715
Relevantná firmaLUMOS a.s., v likvidácii
Registrátor domény:WEBG-0001
Nadpis stránkyLumos - Enjoy Your Electronics
DNS kontrolovaný:30.07.2019
WHOIS kontrolovaný:18.07.2018


Server: ns1.nameserver.sk

origin = ns1.dnsbackup.net
mail addr = root.dnsbackup.net
serial = 2017091801
refresh = 86400
retry = 7200
expire = 1857600
minimum = 172800
Name: lumos.sk
lumos.sk mail exchanger = 5 mailin.mx-hub.net.
lumos.sk mail exchanger = 5 mailin.mx-hub.sk.
lumos.sk mail exchanger = 5 mailin.mx-hub.cz.
lumos.sk mail exchanger = 5 mailin.mx-hub.eu.
lumos.sk nameserver = ns2.nameserver.sk.
lumos.sk nameserver = ns1.nameserver.sk.
lumos.sk nameserver = ns2.dnsbackup.net.
lumos.sk nameserver = ns1.dnsbackup.net.
lumos.sk text = "v=spf2.0/mfrom,pra +a +mx include:_spf2.nameserver.sk ?all"
lumos.sk text = "v=spf1 a mx include:_spf.nameserver.sk ?all"

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Product portfolio

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Enjoy Your Electronics

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One fine day in 2012, my friend came to me with a box in his hands. He found its content next to some unnecessary stuff that had been thrown away. He gave me that box and told me: “Look what I found!” I was very curious what he was so thrilled about, so I opened the box. There were a couple of old vacuum tubes – nixie tubes – covered by dust. I took one of them out of the box and blew the dust away. Only then I could really take a glance of true beauty and elegance of this piece of history. “And what are you going to do with it?” I asked him. He didn’t answer. He showed me a webpage with instructions how to construct a nixie tube clock instead. I was so enchanted by this idea that I decided to construct my own nixie tube clock. The webpage with instructions was offering many interesting solutions. But I wasn’t quite sure with power supply. Along with another friend of mine we designed power supply that was small enough to squeeze into clock box. I wanted my new power supply to be a little bit more representative. That was the reason why I decided not to do printed circuit board myself. I contacted a local company and they were willing to produce 50 units at least. I thought to myself: “I need one printed circuit board, my friend another. That makes two.” But what should I do with the rest of it? “I’ll try to sell it. At least for my costs to return,” I shrugged my shoulders. I set the paper work going, created eBay and PayPal accounts. In short, I did everything necessary for market introduction. After some time passed, my wife told me she doubted I would sell one single piece of it. She didn’t say a word because she didn’t want to discourage me. I would like to thank her for that. In May 2012, I introduced my new power supply to market. I was thrilled to see whether my costs would be covered. Suddenly, my first purchase order was there. And then another one. And another one. For my big surprise, and even bigger surprise of my wife, all costs returned in few months. When the first series was gone, I got ready for the next one. It would be a shame to leave it like that. After a while I started to think about it again. “What could be next?”

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And that’s how it all began.

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